Top Cloud Computing Trends for 2019: Security Concerns

Cloud Security

2019 is destined to be an explosive year for cloud-based solutions. Over the course of this series, we have been counting down the trends that will set the precedent in the new year.

We are now turning our attention to possible risks. The main cause of cloud adoption hesitancy is the fear of safety issues that are not present in legacy systems. The good news is, as cloud platforms become more dominant and distinctive, security concerns drastically diminish. Often the problems for businesses lie with user neglect and a cloud provider’s inability to address obstacles.

The following are our predictions for what issues will likely continue to mount, along with helpful tips to mitigate them. Arming staff with knowledge and working with an informed and efficient provider are the two most critical components to staying protected in the new year!

Brute-Force Password Attacks

This occurs when the attacker methodically runs through all potential passphrases until they hit the jackpot. Once they are in your system, they can steal personal information and important company data. These are sure to become more refined as we enter 2019.

Fileless Malware Attacks

This breed of attack leverages OS-native code and can sneak through even the most sophisticated anti-virus software. These attacks will certainly be keeping IT departments on their toes as their frequency skyrockets. Infections can fester for weeks or even months before they are detected.

User Error

We are our biggest threat to our cloud systems. No matter how clever hackers become, simple mis-configurations and missed updates will ultimately expose us to their incursions. The risk of user error will definitely follow us into the new year, but there are ways we can prepare ourselves.

Major Recommendations for Staying Safe in 2019

  • Set up and update your intrusion detection defenses
  • Host threat-awareness training for staff
  • Make sure that you are successfully backing up essential data
  • Be rigorous about software updates

Cloud platforms are safe when the right considerations are made. The risks subside with proper security safeguards in place, well-trained staff and a trusted provider monitoring your system. It is a team effort with substantial scalability as the reward!

We have looked at the trends in hybrid cloud platforms, anything-as-a-service delivery and security concerns. In our final installment, we will be announcing our predictions for the future of quantum computing and its impact on business.