Seamless Experience

The File Sync and Share industry is crowded with look-alike products, each providing a standard user experience and limited customization options. As an MSP, however, you support unique clients. You need a wealth of policy and configuration settings, ensuring a customized and streamlined user experience across industries and verticals.

With Canadian Cloud Sync, you empower clients to get more work done, without getting in the way. You provide:

  • 24/7 access to synced content
  • Rapid adoption
  • A customized user experience

24/7 Access to Synced Content

With other File Sync and Share tools, your clients need to change the way they work, manually moving content into the cloud, or struggling to meet file size requirements.

Canadian Cloud Sync provides mobility and BYOD solutions. As an administrator, you can easily map an organization’s existing content from their file server into the cloud, giving users 24/7 access to their synced files and folders from their preferred device. You can even set—or remove—file size limitations using organization policies, ensuring a truly customized user experience.

Multi-Device SupportMulti-Device Support
With Canadian Cloud Sync, you can access and manage files and folders from all your connected devices. Navigate to the Download page in the web portal to view a list of desktop clients and mobile apps that can be installed and registered to user accounts. You can even download the Outlook add-in so that you can send and receive shared files securely, directly within your preferred email application.

File Server EnablementFile Server Enablement
With File Server Enablement, you can map content from a file server into the cloud, and then sync this content to specified subscribers. You can then decide to keep your file server connected to the cloud, or you can remove this connection for a complete and easy migration. Either way, you provide users with anytime-access to their cloud content without requiring an on-site or VPN connection.

No File Size LimitNo File Size Limits
To promote collaboration and increase file sharing options, Canadian Cloud Sync does not limit the size of files a standard user or guest user can upload through the web portal or through the desktop client. Instead, administrators can use the Max File Size policy to control the size of files uploaded through the desktop client, mobile apps, and web uploads.

Rapid Adoption

With other file sync and share tools, users face a steep learning curve, requiring costly and time-consuming training. With Canadian Cloud Sync, users sync, share, and collaborate without excessive administrator intervention.

Intuitive InterfaceIntuitive Interface
The web portal, the desktop client, mobile apps, and the Outlook add-in are designed with the user in mind. With sleek UI/UX controls and intuitive feature sets, users can install, configure and use their apps quickly and efficiently.

Integrated Tools
Users can integrate with the tools they already know and love, like Microsoft Outlook and other local MS applications. They can also create, view, and edit files when working in their browser, without leaving the system or downloading separate applications.

Customized Experience

With other File Sync and Share tools, users interact with standard user interfaces that can’t be customized or controlled by the administrator. Canadian Cloud Sync, however, gives you complete control over how users sync and share data, so that you can keep data safe and protected behind the scenes.

Organization PoliciesOrganization Policies
You can use Canadian Cloud Sync’s multi-tenant administrative web portal to configure organizations and sub-organizations with different settings and policies, providing a customized solution for each of your clients, while still managing everything from one centralized location.

For each organization and sub-organization, you can turn on and off features—like the Collaborative Web Editor or WebDAV—set custom branding and email templates, define user privileges, change retention settings, and more.

Selective SyncSelective Sync
With Selective Sync, users can easily prioritize the content that is most important to them while saving on bandwidth and storage costs. Users can still access all the data they have stored in the cloud, whether it is synced locally or not, through the web portal.

Team Share Subscription
Users can completely turn on or off the syncing of Team Share content down to local machines. This functionality is useful if a Team Share contains large files that should only be accessed from the web.

Team Share Subscriptions

Additional Best Practices

You might also consider implementing the following best practices to further refine the user experience:

  • If you have development resources, integrate with the Canadian Cloud Sync API to completely customize the end user experience.