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As an MSP, you work hard to grow your business while continuing to support your existing clients and protect their valuable data. A File Sync and Share tool can be a key addition to any product offering, allowing you to expand your business while meeting your clients’ needs and expectations; but not all tools measure up.

Canadian Cloud Sync was built from the ground-up to support MSPs, ensuring a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and your choice of SaaS or custom private cloud deployment models. With its multitenant architecture, partners can scale-up quickly to support unlimited business growth under a custom-branded experience. With Canadian Cloud Sync, you get:

  • Flexible hosting options
  • Scalability
  • Customized branding

Flexible Hosting Options

Most File Sync and Share tools give you limited hosting options, forcing you to migrate into unfamiliar SaaS environments. With Canadian Cloud Sync, partners have complete control over how they build their secure File Sync and Share platform. Whether you decide to utilize your own infrastructure, or rely on our military grade data centers in North America and Europe, you can get started quickly and customize the experience as you go.

SaaSSaaS or Private Cloud Options
The platform can be hosted within a company’s internal infrastructure or through Canadian Cloud Sync’s hosted cloud infrastructure. Either way, desktop clients and apps can be deployed to a multitude of endpoints, including desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices.


When examining today’s File Sync and Share market, Canadian Cloud Sync is truly the only secure File Sync and Share tool built from the ground up for the MSP. With its unique and flexible architecture, you don’t need to invest in expensive infrastructure or spend time on extensive contracting or planning resources.

Using Canadian Cloud Sync's multi-tenant web portal, you can create and manage organizations and sub-organizations for all of your clients. These organizations will be organized in a hierarchy within the Organization navigation menu, allowing for a scalable environment that can grow and change according to your needs.


Customizable Service Plans for ClientsCustomizable Service Plans for Clients
Service plans allow administrators to create feature and policy bundles that their customers can opt-into through a registration form. You can:

  • Invite customers and prospects to sign up
  • Create tiered offerings
  • Enable or disable features and functionality for individual organizations


File Server Enablement with NAS SupportFile Server Enablement with NAS Support
With File Server Enablement, you can map a file server to the cloud, and then sync this content to specified subscribers. When you do this, you avoid the need for rip-and-replace efforts, and easily scale up when needed. You can even use File Server Enablement to permanently migrate to the cloud, eliminating the liability that comes with maintaining an outdated—and vulnerable—file server.

Customized Branding

With the typical File Sync and Share product, you’re forced to display the tool’s own brand, colors, and logo; but successful MSPs are known for their own name brand, rather than as a reseller of another company’s product. With Canadian Cloud Sync, you can configure branding options that conform to your company’s—or your clients'—branding strategy.

Branding SettingsBranding Settings
You can configure branding options that conform to your company’s—or your clients'—branding strategy. These branding settings will affect the look of the web portal, mobile apps, the Outlook add-in, and the desktop client (on both Windows and Mac machines). Branding even influences the layout of informational resources, like the Daily Digest email and reports, which inherit any specified branded logo.

You can create email templates that are used when distributing emails related to new user accounts, new guest accounts, share emails, multiple share emails, and Team Share emails. You can customize the text of the email templates, and even use HTML to customize styles and add images.

Custom CSSCustom Style Sheets
In addition to these options, private cloud administrators can apply a custom CSS stylesheet to override the default Canadian Cloud Sync stylesheet. This option allows you to control branding at the granular level, and fully customize the user experience for end users.



Custom API
If you have development resources, integrate with the Canadian Cloud Sync API to completely customize the end user experience. The API v1 and API v2 gives you the ability to harness Canadian Cloud Sync directly, letting you securely read and write files, create and manage accounts and organizations, update and view activity, access and create roots, and retrieve machine information. All Canadian Cloud Sync functionality is available at your fingertips through the Canadian Cloud Sync API.

 Custom API

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