Business Features

Canadian Cloud Sync offers partners and their end users invincible productivity. End users benefit from secure access, sharing, and collaboration options, and partners gain peace-of-mind knowing that data is protected and secure.

Read on to learn why Canadian Cloud Sync is the leading File Sync and Share product for MSPs.

Canadian Cloud Sync Business
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Business Continuity

With a 24/7 critical Technical Support team, coupled with advanced security and point-in-time data recovery features, partners can rest assured knowing that client data is safe and recoverable.



Ransomware Protection & Recovery

As an MSP, your business depends on happy clients; so what happens when important files are held hostage by ransomware? Your clients’ productivity levels grind to a halt, and essential data that keeps a business running is perpetually blocked.

Secure Collaboration

Canadian Cloud Sync empowers users to securely access, share, and collaborate on workstations, laptops, mobile devices, and the cloud. Partners keep this data secure while governing data access and data privacy for internal and external users.


Control Panel


A multitude of integration options, reporting tools, and set-it-and-forget-it alerting allows partners to support more clients in less time, providing ultimate control and peace-of-mind productivity.

Seamless Experience

With a wealth of policy and configuration settings, IT professionals can customize and streamline a user’s experience, empowering clients to get more work done, without getting in the way.



High-Margin Recurring Revenue

Canadian Cloud Sync promises a low Total Cost of Ownership with SaaS or custom private cloud deployment models. With its multi-tenant architecture, partners can scale-up quickly to support unlimited business growth under their own custom-branded experience.

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  • 1TB of storage
  • Admin Control
  • Remote Wipe any synced device
  • premium Customer Support

  • All plans are billed annually.

HIPAA + PIPEDA Compliant